life is going on.Yes,its simply goes on.And at the end it Ends.In between people does things that make them happy,otherwise try to do the that can may make them happy.Its good.Others kept on inspired by this quest of happiness and try their hand to get a piece of pie from this.And people want the source of their happiness to be keep on for forever.The everlasting happiness.yes You might of heard the phrase “They lived happily for ever and ever.”.Those who ensure this source for ever they considered lucky and the credit goes to their hard working,sacrifice,family backing..etc or simply sometime the one and only luck.In between we deviate from all this logic and call them bullshit.We keep on saying to our selves what ever we got that is only thing we actually want and this is the happiness.we try hard to get indulge into this so called Happiness.We defend this definition based on our own terms and try to Escape all.We try to escape the lane where we best remembered as common like others.We distance ourselves from sadness and tell to own that we are happy ..many times.And this escapism brings us much needed happiness.


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